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Shipping crowdfunding campaigns can quickly become complicated, especially if different rewards are to be sent to a large number of backers. A supposedly simple task can thus also quickly become rocket science.

Um in der Versandphase eures Projekts Probleme zu vermeiden, müssen grundlegende Fragen bereits bei der Projektierung geklärt werden. Hierbei sind wir euch gern behilflich.


To which countries should rewards be sent?

How many rewards should be sent?

Welche Belohnungen sollen zusammen versendet werden?


Wie können die Belohnungen verpackt werden?

What boxes can be used for shipping?

Where do I even get boxes?


Are there any weight/size restrictions on shipping?

Was kostet das alles? Kann Porto optimiert werden?

Wie erfährt man die Adresse der Unterstützer, die umgezogen sind?


Who takes care of trouble shooting if something goes wrong during shipping?